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Facebook Games Arcade Will Be A Netflix For Gaming

Facebook has been beta-testing the “Facebook Games Arcade” since May, in collaboration with Unity Technologies to produce a gaming platform.  The social network officially announced that they teamed up with Unity Technologies  to support game developers. As is known, Unity Technologies is one of the biggest online game developing companies. Facebook Games Arcade is promising a “faster, […]


Microsoft’s HoloLens Goes Commercial

The augmented reality headset from Microsoft is now open for business and finally “goes real” for its waiting real-time customers. Microsoft is opening up sales for its holographic headset HoloLens for everyone. Although so many people want to buy the helmet, Microsoft says HoloLens is available to developers and business customers only (called the “Development […]


Google Duo Is The App That Will Take Down FaceTime

Wondering if FaceTime will be a memory in a short while? Because Google Duo is simpler and basic. Google Duo was released this Monday and was announced on Google’s official blog. The features are so simple that there’s not even a rule to use the app. Tapping on your face reverses the position with your […]


The 10 Best Virtual Reality Headsets

Emerging day by day, virtual reality business is becoming very popular. These 10 headsets are the best in the market.  In the world of wearable technology, virtual reality headsets are very popular in the technology business. Although, the consumers of today have know-how with regards to the products they want to purchase, there are still […]

pokemon go augmented reality app

What’s Pokémon Go And Why Is It Suddenly Viral?

Here’s all you need to know about the new augmented reality app and the world’s latest gaming addiction! By now you might have already heard stories of people hunting down Pokemon at their work desks, in bathrooms, churches, hospitals, museums and pretty much everywhere you can think of. There are stories about robbers luring in […]


Most Exciting HoloLens Features: Holoportation, Mars Exploring, Actiongram

Introducing the most interesting features of HoloLens: Virtual teleportation, Mars sightseeing and Actiongram app that lets you surround yourself with out of this world creatures. HoloLens is Microsoft’s holographic computer built into a headset. It creates the “mixed reality” which means that you can see things around you – walls, furnitures, windows, but with the incorporated […]


Ads Are Coming To VR With The New Platform By Immersv

Immersv launches its advertising platform for games in Virtual Reality. This “first-of-a-kind platform” Immersv lets VR developers promote their content with ads, and at the same time, enables consumers to discover VR apps. Immersv was in testing mode since December 2015 and was first presented at the Game Developers Conference. Immersv was founded by ad […]


Manus Gloves Will Let You Touch VR

Manus VR is creating Manus Glove, claiming it to be the first consumer virtual reality glove. The Manus gloves track hand movement with the usage of high-tech sensors. The Manus provides hand tracking like other VR controllers, but in a more complex way. Button free, wireless, the gloves track individual fingers and joints, letting you […]


With Virtuali-Tee, You Can See Internal Organs In VR

This augmented reality t-shirt, Virtuali-Tee shows animated, x-ray-style image of your innards. Curiscope launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds for the production of educational t-shirts Virtuali-Tee. When you aim your phone at Virtuali-Tee wearer, the application will show you how do their internal organs look like. App, which projects fully animated 3D image, […]


Google Lets Public Figures Post Directly To Search Results

Google has started testing an entirely new format for search results, which could eventually allow businesses or public figures to post directly to search results. We can already see how the tool works, by googling one of US presidential candidates + issue of interest (for example immigration, abortion, guns, foreign policy, taxes, health care). Here […]