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Gap Collaborates With Google To Launch Its AR-Based Mobile App

Gap is testing a new mobile app named “Dressing Room” to preview the clothes before you try. Debuted at the CES Show 2017, American worldwide clothing company, Gap is into something innovative. The company is testing a virtual dressing room to give their customers a new way to try on their favourite clothes. Released the news […]


Dior’s Frame-Maker Expands Into Mind-Reading Smart Glasses

The Italian eyewear company, Safilo Group debuted a set of Internet-connected spectacles at the Consumer Electronics Show. To create the first-ever brain sensing eyewear technology, Safilo Group has partnered with Toronto-based technology company, InteraXon. The product will mainly measure brainwaves and send the data to an app installed on a smartphone or tablet. It will have five sensors embedded […]


Christmas Lights Are Lit With Solar Panels In Sweden

Can you run solar panels and light up your Christmas tree in the middle of the dark Swedish winter? You can if you’re a resident in Sölvesborg! Energy company E.ON have collaborated with M&C Saatchi Stockholm and just launched a campaign that uses solar panels and E.ON’s storage battery to power an extraordinary Christmas light show. E.ON also […]


Domino’s Now Delivers Pizza By Drones In New Zealand

Drones are getting involved in our daily lives gradually and Domino’s is one of the pioneer brands to utilizing the technology. It’s now happening in New Zealand! A branch of Domino’s Pizza about 10 miles north of central Auckland has sent out its very first drone carrying pizza to a paying customer. The service launched on […]


Meet The New MacBook Pro’s Major Feature: Touch Bar

In the past few days, the biggest laptop event of the year happened. The new MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar will be nothing but a game-changer for the market’s future. Seems like MacBook Pro is getting all the thumbs up in the security function for the first time. Released on October 27, Apple’s new laptop has […]


Presenting Virtual Reality – The Future Of Marketing

It’s time for brands to get a virtual reality check and invest in this incredible platform to connect with their users on a whole new level. Computer Graphics Pioneer, Ivan Sutherland, stated, that immersive technologies such as VR could, “literally be the Wonderland into which Alice walked,” and half a century later, his prediction is […]


Google’s DeepMind AI Platform Doesn’t Need Any Human Intervention Now

Reportedly announced, Google DeepMind is now capable of teaching itself depending on the information it already possessed. Founded in 2010, Google’s British Artificial Intelligence company DeepMind is now on the edge of a revolutionary invention. DeepMind is able to learn, or we can say, to teach itself based on data it already holds. This leads to a completely self-contained learning. […]


Telia Reveals The World’s First Cake Made By Drones

With the purpose of announcing its 4G coverage, Norwegian mobile operator, Telia has revealed the ‘world’s first cake made by drones’, and it looks amazing. Drones are dominating our lives more and more lately, and another project is in the market. Telia Company has claimed that it serves the best 4G coverage in Norway, so […]


Snap Inc. Releases A New Product Called Spectacles

Snap Inc. – aka. Snapchat broke big news by announcing its first hardware product “Spectacles”. It was first announced on Friday and, details are coming gradually.  Spectacles, or Specs are a video-recording sunglasses available in three colors: black, teal or coral. The company says that Snap Inc.’s Spectacles are glasses that come with a built-in Snap video […]


Flybrix Turns LEGO Bricks Into Mini-drones

If you are interested in LEGO bricks and want to use them in a techno-innovative way, you’ll want to check out Flybrix. Flybrix is a do-it-yourself toy drone made from LEGO bricks. Though the company is not associated with LEGO, while the bricks are similar, colored building blocks. Flybrix is Amir Hirsch’s, Robb Walters’ and […]