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Social media news including updates, developments and announcements about facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, linkedin, pinterest and similar social networks.


Instagram’s New Office Looks Amazing

Instagram just moved into a new office and it looks exactly like Instagram. The six-year-old app, that was bought by Facebook in 2012 was previously located at one of the floors in Facebook’s old hearquarters on Hacker Way. Instagram has a new headquarter in Menlo Park, California now. The new place is designed by Gensler, a San-Franciscan […]


The Big News For US: You Can Register To Vote In Snapchat Now

Snapchat is encouraging people to register to vote in the upcoming election in the US. It is seen as a huge move to get millenials’ attention. The company made a partnership with TurboVote that motivates voter registration, allows users to check their eligibility and to register all within the app. There’s no method like “snap […]


Google Trips: The Only Travel App You Need

Google announced its new app called Trips a few days ago, an app that serves as a planner and travel guide for explorers. The app claims to organize your plane tickets and hotel bookings, offer editorial guides to more than 200 cities and create personalized recommendations based on your history in Google. The best thing […]


Pinterest Adds A Promote Button To Boost The Posts

Improving its interface day by day and making it simpler, Pinterest launches a post boosting feature with its brand new Promote button. Advertising was never been so easy before. Pinterest added a Promote button to boost the favorite posts in less than 10 seconds. There is no need to make an extra polish for the commercial […]


YouTube Backstage: Bringing Social Features To The Video Website

By the end of this year, YouTube might be transformed into a social network. In addition to videos; photos, polls, and text features are coming soon. The world’s largest video-sharing service, YouTube is looking for growth in its structure. To compete with platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter, YouTube is developing some features which […]


Facebook Is Notably In A Fight Against Ad Blockers

Facebook values its current advertising system. Therefore, it’s blocking ad blockers that prevent you from seeing ads. A regular Facebook user who doesn’t want to struggle with pop-out ads uses ad-blocking programs. With nearly 2 billion active users, Facebook doesn’t want to allow this because the platform is relying heavily on advertising. So today, Facebook […]


Spotify Now Lets Brands Sponsor The Popular Playlists

Spotify has introduced another ad product for brands to sponsor the popular playlists curated by the music streaming service. Brands can now sponsor the popular playlists curated by the music streaming service, with a message that matches the playlist of their choice. Sponsored Playlists allow Spotify to take advantage of its user data to give […]


Instagram Now Lets You Post 60-Second Videos

Instagram is now allowing to post 60 second videos and create single videos from multiple clips. Instagram extended the maximum length for videos from 15 to 60 seconds. At first, longer videos have been available only to advertisers, now this feature is coming to all users. Another update for Instagram is a multi-clip video feature, […]


Do We Really Need New Facebook Reactions?

After years of asking for alternative to the Like button, Facebook users got – not one – but five of them! And, there is no “dislike” button. Now you can respond to your friend’s status with love, anger, laughter, surprise and sadness. To do so, just hover over the Like button and reaction images will appear. Check […]


Twitter Introduces New Algorithm In A Timeline Redesign

Twitter just got itself a new algorithm and Twitter users a new timeline! The social network announced on its official blog that its rolling out a new algorithm, which redesigns your Twitter feed to place tweets on the top based on relevancy, rather than chronology, in a suspiciously Facebook newsfeed-like imitation. Despite having met a […]


Pinterest Rolls Out A New Visual Search Tool

Pinterest unveils “visual search” – a nifty mechanism that allows you to search with pictures rather than words. Coveting those gorgeous, fur lined shoes or that mesmerizing, hippy bag? Don’t know how to find it? Don’t know what it’s called? Thankfully, Pinterest introduces a wicked, new solution to your problem with pictures worth a thousand […]