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Luxury Watch Brand Digital Aquest

Luxury Watch Brands’ Digital Mirror 2016

An insightful infographic based on research by agency AQuest, revealing the digital presence of luxury watch brands!

Digital Agency AQuest evaluated 28 luxury watch brands from different aspects of their digital presence (Social Media, Websites, SEO, etc.) and created a chart mirroring the recent situation.

Even if many luxury brands focus more and more on their digital strategies, bringing in life innovative mobile apps, interactive mini-sites and creative campaigns, there are still many remaining far behind fastly growing users’ expectations.

Check out the awesome infographic for more:

Luxury Watch Brand Digital Mirror AQuest

About AQuest

AQuest is a digital dreams agency that rocks! Creativity simply runs in their DNA and they naturally stretch the boundaries of original thinking, design and delivery.

AQuest has been generating creative digital dreams for over 20 years and has collected more than 50 international awards in an assortment of categories voted by professional independent juries.

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