London Virtual Reality Business Meetup 2016

Organization:VR Business



VR is already a multi-billion dollar business and will bring so many possibilities into all sorts of different aspects of our lives from Gaming to Architecture, Health, Training, Education, Travel, Socializing and Social Media, Movies and Entertainment, Sports and Live Events, The Workplace and the Economy as a whole.

This event will focus on VR (and AR/MR) from a business and commercial perspective point of view rather than from just focusing on the gaming side, and will be an opportunity for a select group of organizations to showcase their VR products and services along with networking.


London Virtual Reality Business Meetup is organized in conjunction with VRBusiness and the London Virtual Reality Meetup group.

The London Virtual Reality Meetup group is an open group for anyone working or interested in Virtual Reality (and AR / MR) including Entrepreneurs, Investors, Angels, Visionaries, Developers, Startups, Professionals, 360 Film Makers, in fact anyone working in or wanting to be involved in the future of this exciting tech paradigm shift.

Claim your free ticket to learn more about the current tech and how we think it will evolve with an emphasis on where it is going from a business and commercial perspective.

This event will be held at the WeWork Moorgate venue for registered guests only.

Find out more and register to claim your free ticket:

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