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Mid-Senior Creative Team


Employer: Analogfolk
Location: London
Position: Mid-Senior Creative Team
Posted: 28/10/2016

Analogfolk is looking for a Mid-Senior Creative Team to join them in London!

About the job

Your work will focus on a tackling a variety of briefs across a range of our exciting client brands. You’ll be expected to come up with and develop famous, attention-grabbing ideas that will engage a modern, highly digitally literate audience.

In addition to excellent conceptual thinking, you’ll need superb craft skills (copywriting and design/art direction), so these ideas (and the communications around them) can reach their potential.

You won’t be limited to specific formats in any medium, but you will understand how people experience and interact with online campaigns. Big campaign thinking needs to be backed by the ability to see how concepts can be brilliantly executed on a more tactical level. You will also be expected to look for additional opportunities that lie beyond the brief.

About you

The ideal candidates will have high-level digital agency experience with an award-winning portfolio of well-crafted, contemporary projects.

They’ll be overflowing with great ideas, have strong communication and collaboration skills and an ambition to do amazing, envy-of-their-peers, work. They’ll be used to working quickly and efficiently when necessary, and know when and where to spend the extra time to make something great.

They’ll also be extremely nice and enjoy the company of other extremely nice people (who are equally hungry to make amazing work).


Our aim is to make famous work that’s valued by both our client brands and the people that interact with it. Creative at AnalogFolk achieves this with a combination of super-sharp ideas and exceptional craft.

Skills and experience

• A track record of coming up with and developing remarkable creative concepts
• An area of craft expertise (copy, art direction, design)
• The ability to innovate and understand the possibilities and opportunities in digital, encompassing an interest in both the latest tech and new approaches to the more familiar
• Proven film experience (content or adverts)
• Excellent communication skills
• The ability to develop, articulate and explain ideas so that others (including clients) comprehend them, love them and buy into them.
• The ability to create a compelling creative presentation
• The ability to collaborate with all disciplines
• An active creative, cultural life
• General awesomeness

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20 Rosebery Avenue, London EC1R 4SX
+44 (0)20 7684 8444 | info@analogfolk.com
Founded in 2008, AnalogFolk makes and markets interactive experiences that create value for people and brands. With offices in London, Sydney, New York, Portland and Hong Kong, their mission is to use digital to make the analog world better.