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Lead Developer


Employer: Hex Digital
Location: London
Position: Lead Developer
Posted: 28/10/2016

About Hex Digital

Hex cultivates a flat, collaborative work environment. It’s friendly, fun but fast-paced. We’re based close to Broadway Market, the beating heart of London Fields. Beyond the local area, benefits include Hex lunches, socials, away days, company MacBook Pro, flexible working hours when required, NET mag subscription and access to ongoing off-site training/conferences.


We’re looking for an ambitious, creative and forward-thinking Lead Developer to join our team; someone who can lead by example and help drive Hex forward with new technologies, best practices and coding standards.

Working with our existing development systems and processes, you’ll be given the freedom and autonomy to expand on and improve them with the ultimate goal to ensure the Hex dev department is as efficient and effective as possible, producing work of the highest standard for our clients.


You’ll report directly to our Head of Projects and Managing Partners whilst overseeing a team of up to 4 other developers working across a range of technologies including: PHP (5.6), MySQL, HTML5, CSS3 (including animations and transitions), SCSS, BEM syntax, ITCSS, InuitCSS, JavaScript, jQuery, NPM, Gulp.js, shell scripting, network administration, AWS (IAM, S3, CloudFront, Route 53, Elastic Transcoder), Apache, Nginx, Nagios, UNIX based OSs, Photoshop, Illustrator, front and backend optimisation, TDD/BDD, PHPUnit, CI (Jenkins/Travis).

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Hex Digital

Unit 3, 14 Triangle Rd, London, E8 3RP
020 7859 4640 | hello@hexdigital.com
Hex is a full-service digital engagement agency. They combine a passion for creativity with a deep understanding of data and the digital landscape to deliver meaningful, fully accountable digital experiences.