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Instagram’s New Office Looks Amazing

Instagram just moved into a new office and it looks exactly like Instagram. The six-year-old app, that was bought by Facebook in 2012 was previously located at one of the floors in Facebook’s old hearquarters on Hacker Way.

Instagram has a new headquarter in Menlo Park, California now. The new place is designed by Gensler, a San-Franciscan design firm. According to a spokeswoman, the design idea behind the new office was creating the feeling of 3D version of the app.

350 employees are located in the office and they encounter various privileges; such as an in-house coffee shop, fully-stocked micro-kitchens in each floor, a workspace that is sun-drenched and more.


A huge logo and a screen were placed on the wall at the entrance.


Photos shared on Instagram are covering the walls of the building.


Each floor has its own micro-kitchen with drinks and snacks, (and a stylish table.)


Large and wide windows let the sunshine in.


A special photo-wall with Instax cameras was placed for people to take photos of the visitors and employees and stick them.


There is a library built with the special corners for people to relax and get work done.


An extremely stylish part of the library, even the crayons look very stylish.


The conference room is called “darkroom”, which gets its name from analog photography.


and a cozy place to lie down. Perfect?

Users can also reach more appearances for the new place by #newoffice hashtag on Instagram.

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