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huge created elephant to serve apple

Huge Created Elephant: A New Agency To Serve Apple!

The IPG-owned, Brooklyn-based agency Huge recently created a separate San Francisco agency, called Elephant, in order to serve a single client: Apple.

The Creative Digital Agency Elephant will serve Apple only. Elephant also has an office several blocks from Huge San Francisco and an unusual entry on IPG’s website.

It seems like Elephant is hiding under the shade at the moment. Elephant’s website clarifies that visits to its office are “by appointment only,” and since its inception it had no press mentions or public announcements.

Neither Huge nor Elephant mentioned the reason of creating an “independent creative agency”. This decision may be interpreted as a desire to avoid an overlapping of teams on competing accounts like Huge’s clients’ Samsung and Google, two of Apple’s chief rivals in the digital space. Elephant’s work is all digital, it does not collaborate with any of the agencies Apple signed in 2014.

Apple released three new ads to coincide with Apple Watch launch and each ad shows how the device best works when users let it integrate seamlessly into their everyday lives; Us, Up, and Rise which might have been created by Elephant.

Have a look at Apple’s new ads below.

Source: Adweek – Agency Spy

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