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Google’s New Font Noto Is Available In More Than 800 Languages

Google creates a new font family called Noto which is available in more than 800 languages.

Innovations shape our lives on a daily basis. Google’s Noto was considered about five years ago and now it’s available! In addition to having more than 800 languages, they’ve included 110,000 characters to the font family. This means, the font covers every single symbol in the Unicode standard today.

The major project has been designed and tested in hundreds of languages. Plus, Google partnered with Monotype, Adobe, and a network of volunteer reviewers in this project. Noto’s goal is to get rid of the blank boxes that appear when a device can’t display a letter, text or a symbol.

The blank boxes, or Tofu are often seen when an emoji is sent from an Android to iOS device, (or reverse). They appear when the lack of tech support happens. They try to fix this problem in Noto by adding almost all characters that exist.

Plus, the name Noto comes from “No more tofu”

Let’s watch the video of Google Noto here:


Here are the GIFs that demonstrate the characters in Noto:



Noto is a free and available font, including the full family, design source files and the font building pipeline.

We bet this will be the ultimate inspiration for typography experts and graphic designers.

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