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Google AI Presents ‘Giorgio Cam’ That Works Exactly Like A Composer

By the courtesy of artificial intelligence, Google Developers created an artificial intelligence experiment called Giorgio Cam, where you can take photos and turn them into a rap flow!

With the help of friends at Google Creative Lab, Giorgio Cam was built by two developers Eric Rosenbaum and Yotam Mann, who are not only coders, but also musicians. Giorgio Cam is an AI experiment built with machine learning that lets users make music by the computer just by a taken picture.

The cam of user’s smartphone recognizes objects to label what it sees, then turns those labels into a rap beat. There are two parts, one is image recognition and Cloud API is used for it. The other one is speech synthesis, which works by combining Marytts and Web Audio API.

So, by identifying an object, Giorgio Cam creates a song and a robot voice sings the words over the famous Italian DJ and musician Giorigo Moroder’s From Here To Eternity beat from ’77. That is also where the name is coming from.

Here is the brief video of the experiment from Google Developers:

The beats are made in Google’s Creative Lab by using MaryTTS, Tone.js, and Google Cloud Vision API.  This experiment is not available to download but we guess that will soon be incorporated into an app.

This is a creative and a humorous project. A song created for a pineapple, a mug or a pair of shoes is a great idea to have fun!

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