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Facebook Games Arcade Will Be A Netflix For Gaming

Facebook has been beta-testing the “Facebook Games Arcade” since May, in collaboration with Unity Technologies to produce a gaming platform. 

The social network officially announced that they teamed up with Unity Technologies  to support game developers. As is known, Unity Technologies is one of the biggest online game developing companies.


Facebook Games Arcade is promising a “faster, better gaming experience” in the desktop form of the website, and the platform is expecting to compensate losses from mobile gaming also.

The company is targeting to make $61bn from the gaming market after their partnership with Unity.

With highly-developed 3D, virtual reality and augmented reality technologies, mobile games are losing to desktop games nowadays. Besides, social gaming is still very popular, Facebook’s Unity collaboration makes more sense. Rumour has it that partnering with Unity for the platform means supporting Oculus VR as well. This new PC gaming platform is still on the beta-testing version.

Let’s look here for the beta review:

Starting from today, game developers can apply to Arcade until 31st of August for instant access to a limited version of Unity 5.4, which also allows them to create and export games to Facebook’s app.

More choices of PC games, more technological, more accessible -in time- and more options. Facebook Games Arcade and Unity collaboration is one of the biggest technology steps in the gaming industry.

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