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Facebook Creates New Innovation Competition “Spotlight”

Announced as “Highlighting cutting edge marketing technology and services” new innovation competition is held by Facebook.

The Facebook Innovation Competition was an annual event, where Facebook Marketing Partners were invited to build advertising tools that addressed new challenges and opportunities.

This year, in its place, new competition “Facebook Innovation Spotlight” will be held. Unlike last years, when competition was open only to Facebook Marketing Partners, now any developer, agency or partner is eligible to enter.

Secondly, there is more than one opportunity to win. Spotlight will consist of three competitions, each with a different theme. They will run consecutively throughout the year. The three themes include creativity, real results and personalized marketing at scale.

The Creativity competition is open now with entries due, April 8.

This is how Spotlight is presented on Facebook Marketing Partners blog:

Make it faster. Make it better. Make it more unique. If you don’t, there’s a good chance someone else will. While competition tends to occur organically in our business, and innovation often carries its own rewards, the 2016 Facebook Innovation Spotlight aims to take things up a notch.

Each entry will be judged on uniqueness, client results, scalability and the size of the markets the tool is available to.

Reward consists of  $500,000 of ad credits on Facebook and presence at some of the industry’s biggest events.

To find out more, visit 2016 Facebook Innovation Spotlight

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