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DS Signature Art Website

DS Signature Art Website Designed By DPDK

From flat to a 3D art piece – create your own unique, magical signature with DS Signature Art designed by dpdk! 

A signature is personal and unique. And that’s what DS is all about: expressing yourself.

This September, dpdk created an interactive website for DS Automobiles, honoring their partnership with the Dutch Filmfestival, that allows you to turn your signature into a piece of art.

The website intro is a seamless mix of code, design and video all melted together. It even plays on mobile devices.

DS Signature By DPDK

How does it work?

On your mobile, draw with your finger and voila. For desktops, connect with a smartphone and get signing. Click submit and watch your signature appear on your screen like magic – all glamorous and 3D!

By adding the right soundtrack to add a notch to the whole avant-garde experience, dpdk gave the website a Hollywood-like feel.

Intrigued yet? Create your own 3D signature art here & win prizes.

About dpdk

dpdk is a creative full service agency that has a strong focus on digital interactions. dpdk is responsible for the creation, strategy, technology and production of interactive experiences and creative digital platforms. Their clients include as Peugeot, Grolsch, Ikea and many more. They have also been received various awards and accolades at numerous events like FWA’s, Dutch Interactive Awards and Spin Awards.

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