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The Click Consult Traffic Drop Troubleshooter Has Landed

Google’s algorithm never sleeps, and sometimes it can cause sleeplessness in others – but why have you noticed that drop in your traffic? Click Consult’s troubleshooter can help.

Click Consult is always attempting to make things easier for fellow search marketing professionals. When it comes to Google penalties, Click Consult understands that reviews of your analytics, rankings and traffic data can cause panic if you see an unexpected drop.

As such Click Consult plotted a series of simple questions to help you find out if you have been impacted by a penalty and, if so, which one it is.

The decision tree includes:

• Simple question and answer steps.
• Clear paths to decide if you have been affected.
• Easy to follow indications of possible algorithmic penalties
• Quick directions to possible solutions.


By following the appropriate path through this easy to use decision tree, you can identify both the problem and potential solution to any algorithmic penalties – or set your mind at rest if the answer is something less serious. This fantastic resource is perfect whether you need it yourself or are looking for a training resource.

So whether you’re worried about a manual action, Penguin, Panda or Mobile Friendly penalty, this decision tree will help you decide what, if anything, is keeping you up at night.

Click here to download your free Traffic Drop Troubleshooter by Click Consult today!

Click Consult

Click Consult is a multi award-winning search marketing agency. Click Consult works with brands and SMEs that want a tangible, measurable return from their online budget through our bespoke search marketing solutions.

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