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You Can Cheer Up On Your Facebook With Colored Backgrounds Now

Facebook introduced a new feature that could let you add background color to your posts. What else do we need during the holiday season?

Facebook is behind a new update for the holiday season to color up the news feeds for its users. The company is trying to make status updates as catchy as the ones with photo attachments. The feature lets one select a color and make it background instead of texting on the regular-white area as usual.

Many more options are available such as choosing gradient background while selecting a color. The coloring options are red, purple, orange, yellow and variations of blue.


Users without access to the test phase don’t see the colored stats if they look at the post, but the company shared the details that the colored status backgrounds are rolling out globally over the next few days. To use, user taps on the status bar, chooses a color from the choices below and writes their text and post. Due to it’s text-only feature, it doesn’t work for link, image, or video posts.

Instead of using the default plain background, you can choose gradient as an option. Color options are red, purple, orange, yellow and variations of blue.

A company spokesperson told Techcrunch,

We’re rolling out a change to help people make their text posts more visual. Starting today, people can update the background color of their text-only posts on Android.

This is a cheerful update from the company, to make colorful status updates. So, if you’re a frequent user, pick your favoruite color and start posting.

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