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Flybrix Turns LEGO Bricks Into Mini-drones

If you are interested in LEGO bricks and want to use them in a techno-innovative way, you’ll want to check out Flybrix. Flybrix is a do-it-yourself toy drone made from LEGO bricks. Though the company is not associated with LEGO, while the bricks are similar, colored building blocks. Flybrix is Amir Hirsch’s, Robb Walters’ and […]


Minimalist Logos Of Most Famous Brands

What would happen if logos were more minimalistic? To answer this question, StockLogo re-designed famous logos using only lines, curves and brand colors. For this experiment, StockLogo decided to redesign widely recognised logos. Companies like Coca-Cola, Google, KFC, LEGO, Nike, Pepsi made the list. Redesigned logos, even though reduced to sheer curves, are still recognizable. […]


Top 15 Creative Branded Instagram Videos

Kudos to all the brands for their creative use of the popular Instagram video feature. Currently, videos on Instagram are all the rage! We think the feature owes its success to its 15-30 second limit for the ads and visually appealing content by its users, requiring them to be creative and engaging in the short […]

lego facebook campaign kronkiwongi

LEGO Has Partnered With Facebook For Its “Kronkiwongi” Campaign

Lego is targeting parents on Facebook through a partnership with the social network for its latest campaign called “Kronkiwongi”. LEGO has partnered with Facebook for its latest campaign, which asks children around the world to create an imaginary character called a “kronkiwongi”. The campaign has been running in the last few weeks in a line […]