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Coca-Cola True Friendship campaign

Coca-Cola’s True Friendship Campaign: #VerdaderoAmigo

Coca-Cola’s new ad campaign celebrates true friendship, unity, teamwork and happiness by re-designing its iconic wavy ribbon into the “fist bump” symbol. For its newest marketing campaign in Latin America, Coca-Cola and Pereira & O’Dell agency have created the “True Friendship” campaign that aims to highlight what being a good friend means and how important […]

Effie Worldwide Announces Global Effectiveness Index 2015

Effie Worldwide Announces Effectiveness Index 2015

Effie Worldwide has released its global rankings for the most effective marketers, brands, agency holding groups, agency networks, agency offices and independent agencies according to results of the 2015 Effie Effectiveness Index. Effie’s core objective with its ranking is to recognise and reward ideas that have had the most impact across the globe, irrespective of […]

CocaCola make it happy

Coca-Cola Pours Happiness With Make It Happy Campaign

Coca Cola advertising during the 2015 Super Bowl was focused on making the internet happier with the ad campaign titled “Make It Happy”. The ad featured a unique spin on the importance of creating more positivity on the World Wide Web, highlighting inspiring moments of optimism in the face of online negativity. Through the ad, Coca-Cola […]


Responsive Logo Design Inspiration

The Responsive Logos project by Joe Harrison, creating scalable and responsive logos of Coca-Cola, Nike, Bang & Olufsen and Levi’s, shows us how popular brand logos can be effectively and considerately reproduced, on the responsive web, and in general, a mobile friendly environment. Responsive design is simply the readjustment of the layout of a website […]