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Minimalist Logos Of Most Famous Brands

What would happen if logos were more minimalistic? To answer this question, StockLogo re-designed famous logos using only lines, curves and brand colors. For this experiment, StockLogo decided to redesign widely recognised logos. Companies like Coca-Cola, Google, KFC, LEGO, Nike, Pepsi made the list. Redesigned logos, even though reduced to sheer curves, are still recognizable. […]


Top 10 Brands That Owned Halloween 2015

A line-up of top 10 most memorable Halloween marketing campaigns of the year… From black whoppers to virtual reality haunted houses, brands like Tesco, Airbnb, Target, Burger King etc. are all out to bewitch and delight the consumers on this holiday! Here’s a round-up of our favorites from all the brands out to trick or […]


Burger King’s Biggest Virtual Burger On Instagram

Burger King is a very active brand on social media and Burger King France is definitely excited to be on Instagram. To celebrate the launch of their Instagram account, Burger King France created the world’s biggest virtual burger. Partnering with French digital agency Buzzman, they decided to create the world’s biggest virtual burger on Instagram. […]