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Top 10 Super Bowl LI Commercials 2017

One of the world’s most watched annual sporting events, Super Bowl was played in the previous days and -not surprisingly-, things got social and political for this year’s commercials. Digiday says advertisers shelled out as much as $5 million for 30 seconds of screentime during this year’s big game, according to ad-tracker Kantar Media. This year’s commercials […]


Audi’s Campaign #CatchtheUnseen Inspires People To Explore Sweden

Audi launched a first-of-its-kind competition, called #CatchtheUnseen, where people were challenged to take the instagram photos further than anyone else. Audi, with the help of Swedish agency Åkestam Holst, launched a microsite with the map showing where the most Instagram photos were taken in Sweden. Demonstrating that we tend to take pictures from exactly same places, […]


Top 15 Creative Branded Instagram Videos

Kudos to all the brands for their creative use of the popular Instagram video feature. Currently, videos on Instagram are all the rage! We think the feature owes its success to its 15-30 second limit for the ads and visually appealing content by its users, requiring them to be creative and engaging in the short […]

audi rs3 ad birth

Audi R8 Gives Birth To RS3 In This Ad

Audi had some of the most amazing and inspired commercials over the years, but this one is simply amazing. In this ad, an Audi R8 actually gives birth to an RS3 Sportback. Audi’s marketing team has taken a path less travelled by producing a unique yet controversial commercial, showcasing that the RS3 shares some mechanical relationship […]