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AQuest is a digital dreams agency that rocks! They sit amongst the Top 5 worldwide in terms of awards for creativity and state-of-the-art development.

AQuest Interview Creatives

Living Creatively: The Frontender, The Copywriter & The Art Director

We convinced three young creatives from different fields to spill the beans on their lives as web-based innovators. We talked to Frontender Alberto, Copywriter Elettra and Art Director Tomas from creative digital agency AQuest. And this is what we discovered about their inspirations, frustrations and when and where they found the creative inside themselves. We […]

Luxury Watch Brand Digital Aquest

Luxury Watch Brands’ Digital Mirror 2016

An insightful infographic based on research by agency AQuest, revealing the digital presence of luxury watch brands! Digital Agency AQuest evaluated 28 luxury watch brands from different aspects of their digital presence (Social Media, Websites, SEO, etc.) and created a chart mirroring the recent situation. Even if many luxury brands focus more and more on […]

diumbo mobile app

Diumbo – Together Is A Wonderful Place To Be!

A new era is dawning on the technology horizon, an era where communicating will achieve the ultimate goal: interacting with complete strangers in the smoothest way possible and without embarrassment. Diumbo, an app for communication with people in immediate proximity, has been chosen for being presented at Web Summit in Dublin, a global gathering of […]

aquest website

Made In Italy 2.0

Italians do it better. Especially when it comes to the craft and the passion behind making beautiful things. The fact is, the Italian soul craves aesthetic beauty. It is a cultural totem. Consider the label “Made In Italy”: it immediately conjures visions of quality, luxury and style. Always style. Indeed, Google hasn’t neglected Italy’s ability […]

risotteria melotti

How To Create A Tasteful, Delightful Digital Story

There are a few moments in life that fire emotions and bring sparkle to the eyes like a truly memorable meal. Cooking simply, echoing traditions of family cuisine in a bustling kitchen, or creating new taste explosions for the modern palette, food dances effortlessly across styles and times. Even though, food and beverage sector has […]