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The Brands That Made Successful Campaigns Out Of Star Wars: Rogue One

After many years later, Star Wars is coming to theaters for the second time. This time it’s Rogue One: The first Anthology that has been filmed since Star Wars history of 29 years.

As the expectations go higher, the advertising campaigns and the brands go big, of course. With the productions of the video commercials, we do not seek the movie because they all have the ability to compete in the action scenes. The inspired brands are Duracell, Nissan, Gillette, Globe Ph, Walmart and Verizon.

Let’s take a look at what they’ve been doing:


Star Wars and Duracell have been continuing their second campaign since the campaign made for The Force Awakens. Spots briefly show how Duracell powers the Star Wars toys that light up kids’ imaginations.

This was a campaign made for the patients in a hospital; one girl sneaks into the hospital and delivers a toy to the girl in the bed. This is an emotional and a ‘powerful’ one.


The tagline is”Every story has a face” of the promotional campaign from the razor company. The campaign also includes co-branded packaging on a shaving kit with images of Rogue One characters on the products.

The hero of the ad sees himself as a Rebel soldier and daydreams about the scenes run in reverse,  then starts shaving his face. A dual effect for motivation/promotion.

Globe Ph

A partnership between Globe and Disney Southeast Asia has produced the greatest Star Wars-themed commercial that was ever made and touched our inner hearts. The ad features a shy kid who wears a Stormtrooper featured helmet to school, later will reveal she has a disability and all her other classmates are doing the same because of the susceptiveness.

The ad is a part of Globe’s #Create campaign promotion. The company also offered a chance to win a trip to Florida for Star Wars events, movie tickets, and more along with the campaign.


The coming-up car, Nissan Rogue and Star Wars Rogue One, is just the perfect couple to make an ad for.

“Take on any galaxy with a car that could stop for you.” gives the idea of the car’s technical features. There’s also a philanthropic angle with ad promoting that the brand is partnering with the Force for Change to give Star Wars toys to Toys for Tots.


This is a 360° one for Rogue One. Called Recon, an in-store VR experience that takes you inside the cockpit of a Rebel X-Wing.

The story leads you into Rogue One with the pilot and the wingman. Here, the plot is setting a stage for the quest for the space station’s plans. For this one, Lucasfilm and Industrial Light & Magic worked with the wireless carrier so unexpectedly, this is a costly one.


A typical department-store commercial featured with the scenes of the movie. Explains the whole idea, the tagline is “The best place in the galaxy for everything Star Wars.”

These were the six big companies that signed for promotional support, hoping to get some of that Star Wars-effect on their own brand names.

Which one is your favourite? Tell us.

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