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Social media marketing articles including social media marketing strategies, tips, trends, solutions, tools, ideas and best practices.

When And How Often To Post On Social Media

When And How Often To Post On Social Media

Posting on social media at the right time with the right frequency raises brand awareness, builds an engaged community, and drives traffic to your website. When to Post on Social Media The best time to post on social media depends on a variety of factors, including the region you’re targeting, the type of information you […]

how to find twitter influencers

How To Find Twitter Influencers In Your Industry

Finding Twitter influencers in your industry plays a big part towards the success of any content marketing or social media campaign. Influence marketing is all about identifying who has influence within your industry or niche and market directly. Identify the right influencers within your industry and narrow them down to the handful who can move the […]

how to use twitter lists

How To Use Twitter Lists More Effectively

Twitter lists can help users organize their Twitter accounts to find, monitor and interact with right people more effectively. Twitter lists are practical and useful, they make the interaction easier. You can easily organize the people and brands you’re following on Twitter with the help of the lists feature. A Twitter list allows you to categorize your following on Twitter, […]

Instagram Tools For Business

Great Instagram Tools For Agencies

Agencies and brands can improve their social media management efforts, gain more followers and engagement with the great Instagram tools. Instagram is an extremely popular photo sharing application that companies are taking notice off. One of the biggest challenges when it comes to Instagram marketing is figuring out how to manage your Instagram account effectively. Using the […]

How To Increase Website Traffic With Twitter

How To Increase Website Traffic With Twitter

There are some tools and tactics that professional bloggers use to increase their website traffic with Twitter differently from experts. In many industries, “top players” are getting increasingly active on Twitter which is one of the most popular social networks with 288 million monthly active users. Everyone knows that Twitter can be a huge source of traffic, […]

Differences Between Youtube And Facebook Video Ads

Differences Between Youtube And Facebook Video Ads

The difference between posting YouTube videos onto Facebook or just uploading a video direct to Facebook as a native video is difficult to distinguish. Brands want as many people to watch their video ads as possible. Facebook and YouTube are both important channels for video marketing but there are some differences between these two channels with some […]

How To Find The Best Hashtags For Social Media Campaigns

How To Find The Best Hashtags For Social Media Campaigns

Finding the best hashtags for social media campaigns can be crucial for marketers as hashtags make it much easier for people to find and follow discussions about brands, events and promotions. What Are Hashtags? Hashtags are a word, or group of words after the # sign (like #hashtag, #buylocal, #marketing or anything else). If you’re more technically […]


Social Brands & The Future Of Marketing

This SlideShare presentation explains the key points of building a social brand in digital age. We Are Social Agency did a great job here as usual. Main headlines of the presentation include driving conversation, building online communities, adding value to conversation and catching the mobile wave. We Are Social is a global conversation agency, with […]