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Social media marketing articles including social media marketing strategies, tips, trends, solutions, tools, ideas and best practices.


12 Tips for Running a Fantastic Social Media Contest

Contests through social media are an incredible way to boost enthusiasm from followers while increasing the numbers of followers you have. When businesses use contests like these, they usually see a large increase in email subscribers, likes, and views. Plus, contests are fun, and customers tend to appreciate them – it’s a win-win. 1. Considerations […]


How To Build Your Brand On Instagram

Instagram can be a beneficial, visual promoting channel for your brand. To gain success here, use these helpful steps. Since 2010, Instagram is dominating our social media lives and many people are using the platform to gain business and popularity. Building your brand and introducing it online was not easy but now, things have changed. […]

10 Rules for Successful Social Media Management 01 featured image

10 Rules For Successful Social Media Management

To help keep your business organized, here are 10 rules for successful social media management. Social media continues to play an increasingly important role in marketing because businesses have the opportunity to create a unique relationship with their target market. It’s important to utilize these platforms because they help increase brand awareness. However with so […]


Top 10 Tips On Collaborating With Influencers

It’s no coincidence that influence marketing is one of the popular marketing techniques. With a well-developed strategy, you can let influencers market your brand. Since marketing and social media are harmonized we witness a lot of new approaches coming out. On social media platforms, competition rises day by day and content editors become more valuable […]

snapchat benefits for business

How Snapchat Can Benefit Your Business

Snapchat is the new rising star in social media marketing, and businesses can benefit from it! While Snapchat maybe popular among the millennials, the social powerhouse’s fleeting temporariness, leaves many marketers doubting the potential of its permanent impact with regards to brand images. However, here’s an in-depth infographic by M2 On Hold making the business […]

What Content Gets Most Shared On Facebook

What Content Gets Most Shared On Facebook

An infographic to show content that gets most shared on Facebook by men, women, millennials, generation xers and baby boomers! Facebook is the king of social media king with more than 1 billion daily users. With such staggering numbers, there is a flood of information going around. For most businesses, it’s crucial to understand behavior […]


How Great Brands Are Empowering Audiences On Instagram

Introducing Instagram brands that stand out and promote their products in a creative, entertaining way. The use of the creative potential of a wide range of media and collaborative relationship between content creator and audience are important facts to empower online audiences. It’s best to learn from other creative brands that are already crushing it […]


Social Media Marketing Checklist For Businesses

Get insights about social media marketing and plan your strategy with the help of this infographic. The Whole Brain Group, an Inbound Marketing Agency, created a comprehensive social media content & marketing checklist for businesses. The checklist consists of 3 parts: How to you define your target audience How to create interesting and engaging content, […]


Facebook Ad Specs And Image Dimensions 2016

Based on the information from “Facebook For Business”, WebpageFX created a comprehensive infographic guide for ad specs on Facebook. This infographic covers essential information about advertising on Facebook. It outlines all of Facebook’s current ad dimensions and specifications. Facebook ads have diversified considerably since the beginning. If you want your ads to look impressive, and […]


How Can Your Business Benefit From Pinterest

An infographic that shows how Pinterest has the potential to grow your business exponentially. One of the newer social networks, born in 2010, Pinterest has amassed quite a huge crowd following and fast. With 100 million monthly users as per research by expandedramblings, Pinterest has infinite potential for business owners. One of the best ways […]