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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing articles on latest strategies, trends, various tools and ideas for marketers. Read our thought leadership articles on best practices to stay up to date on digital marketing trends in 2016.


How To Launch An Outstanding Digital Marketing Campaign

Check out these tips and tricks to create and launch successful digital marketing campaigns in 2016! The purpose of a digital marketing strategy for any company is to force you through the process of researching and clearly articulating the aims and goals of your digital initiatives, along with targeting digital personas, and choosing which channels […]


How To Integrate Online And Offline Marketing Strategies

How can a company effectively combine offline and online marketing solutions? How to incorporate both of them into larger marketing strategy? Based on a research by Mondo, 72% of people believe that the traditional marketing doesn’t work anymore. That’s an easy assumption to make, considering the fact that we live in a digital, connected age. […]

Luxury Watch Brand Digital Aquest

Luxury Watch Brands’ Digital Mirror 2016

An insightful infographic based on research by agency AQuest, revealing the digital presence of luxury watch brands! Digital Agency AQuest evaluated 28 luxury watch brands from different aspects of their digital presence (Social Media, Websites, SEO, etc.) and created a chart mirroring the recent situation. Even if many luxury brands focus more and more on […]

how to build a strong startup

How To Build A Strong Startup Brand That Stands Out

7 essential strategies to help you kick-start your startup to success. There is an abundance of opportunity in the market for startups, which means there’s also an abundance of competition. In the crowded marketplace, setting your startup apart is crucial to its survival and success. They say reputation builds brands, so it is vital for […]


How Retargeting Can Grow Your Business

Revealing the best practices for the most effective retargeting campaigns! Retargeting is a marketing method that helps convert window-shoppers into buyers. Many big and small companies are using this method for one simple reason: it works! As a rule of thumb, most websites have a 2% conversion rate on the first visit. Retargeting can reach to […]

2015 year in review

Top 2015 Year In Review Videos

A spotlight into the year 2015 in search, pictures, hashtags and videos by Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube! As the year draws close, we take a lookback at 2015’s breaking news, trends, viral moments and burning questions… Ranging from sad, silly, to serious and celebrity, these moments are captured in videos that promise to leave you stifling a laugh […]


What Customer Experience (CX) Means For Brands

In the good old days, a brand’s success was measured by the quality of its products, by the value offered for each dollar and by great customer service. Nowadays, we keep increasingly hear another trending term: “customer experience” and how it is the new key ingredient for success. What is customer experience? Customer experience is […]


9 Email Marketing Campaign Ideas

An infographic that reveals the secret to great email marketing and offers 9 ideas for conversion. Email marketing continues to be one of the best mediums where marketers can work their magic. Why? Because it is permission marketing, where your users trust you to win them over by first handing out their emails. So you […]


The State Of In-Demand Digital Marketing Skills 2015

Marketers today need to develop digital skills to stay relevant and keep their marketing practices on track with the current trends. In today’s world, the marketing landscape is becoming progressively digital… This means that it is essential for marketers now, to be well-versed in the digital age, and to develop and maintain their digital skill-sets […]

andrew stanton ted

Top 5 Inspiring TED Talks for Marketers

Looking to acquire some useful marketing and brand knowledge? These inspiring TED talks help you do just that and also promise to light up your day! In the fast paced, digital world of today, we marketers need regular doses of inspiration to keep us motivated and creative. We see a lot of online blogs with […]

Create A Successful Online Business

The Ultimate Guide To Create A Successful Online Business

Master the art of creating a successful online business and maintaining it.   In this high-tech digital world of today, creating an online business and making it successful are two entirely different things. The rules of the game have changed and it is crucial for every entrepreneur to master these rules. Online businesses are very […]

above vs below the line marketing

A Guide On Above-The-Line VS Below-The-Line Marketing

A guide to compare & contrast above the line and below the line marketing to choose one that works best for your business and keeps your budget in check.  Where should you spend your marketing budget? On creating awareness and brand-building with above the line advertising – in print, billboards and on air or with […]