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The New York Times Magazine’s Olympics Issue Is Fascinating

The New York Times is making a comeback with its Olympics Issue website because, it’s full of inspiring stories about the previous Olympics. With its parallax scrolling design, the website covers memorable stories from the previous Olympics. The Olympics Issue may be about the past but the web design is very futuristic and interactive. Because […]


Wikiverse: The Ultimate Visual Encylopedia Universe

An endless black hole in the internet, Wikipedia’s new universe Wikiverse really is a cosmic formation. A new browsing style is developed by the company, Wikiverse is built by the French designer Owen Cornec. The site is a web-based interactive 3D map of Wikipedia. It’s visual imagery is like a cosmic universe and a bunch […]


Epicgram Makes Your Videos More Epic With Classical Music

DDB Brussels developed an app, Epicgram, for music videos recorded in the classical music festival called B-Classic. Epicgram is an app which was developed to make the videos more fun and splendid. While DDB Brussels developed the app for the festival, the app became more popular than the real event, so it created an impression. […]


Microsoft’s HoloLens Goes Commercial

The augmented reality headset from Microsoft is now open for business and finally “goes real” for its waiting real-time customers. Microsoft is opening up sales for its holographic headset HoloLens for everyone. Although so many people want to buy the helmet, Microsoft says HoloLens is available to developers and business customers only (called the “Development […]


Google Duo Is The App That Will Take Down FaceTime

Wondering if FaceTime will be a memory in a short while? Because Google Duo is simpler and basic. Google Duo was released this Monday and was announced on Google’s official blog. The features are so simple that there’s not even a rule to use the app. Tapping on your face reverses the position with your […]


The 10 Best Virtual Reality Headsets

Emerging day by day, virtual reality business is becoming very popular. These 10 headsets are the best in the market.  In the world of wearable technology, virtual reality headsets are very popular in the technology business. Although, the consumers of today have know-how with regards to the products they want to purchase, there are still […]


BMW Does It Again With Its “Wait Or Drive” Ad

BMW’s new ad is routing Tesla’s new model for its timeless waiting lists. The question for the users is, “Will you wait, or drive?” Famous for its sarcastic marketing approaches, BMW is caving in Tesla’s Model 3 with its competitor-model 330e iPerformance plug-in hybrid because of the release problems. The teasing is just because BMW […]


The New York Times Is Buying An Augmented Reality-Based Agency

The rise of technology is obvious: The New York Times just bought Fake Love, an agency based on virtual and augmented reality. Having worked and collaborated with brands like Star Wars, Hermés, Nike and MAC Cosmetics, Fake Love is a design studio that specializes in VR and AR, and is also embracing experiential artwork and […]


Adidas Created Its First 3D Printed Sneakers For Olympians

To shine in Rio 2016, Adidas uses the 3D printing technology on its sneakers for the first time – designed especially for the Olympic champions.  The mainstream sports brand is technologically advanced, so 3D is on their radar, too. Adidas decided to give the Olympic athletes, their first ever made 3D- printed Futurecraft shoes. The […]


A New Video Discovery App From HBO And MightyTV

A new video discovery app is now out in collaboration with HBO and MightyTV. The thing is, it’s Tinder-ish. One of the easiest mobile apps, Tinder arose to success. Beyond doubt, the success came from the swiping concept because it’s very clear: Either user says “Yes”, or “No” so it works like a game. Earlier […]


6 Great Ads For The Rio 2016 Olympics Openings

Olympics Opening Ceremony contributes to a bunch of successful ad campaigns. The best 6 are listed below. Advertising agencies think a lot bigger when it comes to sports ceremonies like the Super Bowl or the Olympics. Likely enough, Rio 2016 is the event expected to release such beautiful, yet powerful advertising campaigns for powerful brands […]


Facebook Is Notably In A Fight Against Ad Blockers

Facebook values its current advertising system. Therefore, it’s blocking ad blockers that prevent you from seeing ads. A regular Facebook user who doesn’t want to struggle with pop-out ads uses ad-blocking programs. With nearly 2 billion active users, Facebook doesn’t want to allow this because the platform is relying heavily on advertising. So today, Facebook […]